nylon roller

Product name:  Deluxe Nylon Rollers
Item: 0707


  • Deluxe Rollers provide easier opening and closing.
  • 10 commercial grade ball bearing for smooth operation.
  • Nylon wheels for quiet rolling.
  • Replaces steel (7 or 10) ball bearing and black nylon rollers.
  • Reduces strain on electric garage door openers.



1. Unplug or disconnect any electric operator.
2. To replace bottom roller - Raise door to open position. Prop door up with a 2" x 4", cut to the proper length, or place a step ladder under the door so that the springs are in a relaxed position. Remove nuts and bolts from bottomfixture. Remove old roller, insert new roller and re install.
3. To replace hinge roller or top fixture roller - Lower door to closed position and lock the door. Remove nuts and bolts from hinge or top fixture. Remove old roller, insert new roller and re-install.
Product name?Automatic Barrier Gate

Item?DC315Y, DC420Y


Advanced Features

·         Compact design, attractive appearance, safe and reliable performance.

·         Self-lock electromechanical gearmotor.

·         Built-in control panel.

·         Proximity limit switch

·         Adjustable balancing system.

·         Auto-stop function if hits obstruction.

·         Folding or Fencing arm is available.

·         Built-in release system in case of power failure.

·         Connections for ticket dispenser, photocell, alarm lamp, loop detector, etc.