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Product name:  Garage Door Hinge 1
Item: 1621

Standard Installation

  • Select hinge as shown in drawing.
  • Lower door to "closed position" and lock the door. Replace one hinge at a time.
  • Remove the old hinge, insert the roller into new hinge. Insert roller into the track alnd bolt hinge to door. If the old hinge was fastened with wood screws or lag bolts, it is best to fasten the new hinge with carriage bolts and nuts. Drill 1/4" holes and fasten hinge to door.
Product name?Automatic Barrier Gate

Item?DC315Y, DC420Y


Advanced Features

·         Compact design, attractive appearance, safe and reliable performance.

·         Self-lock electromechanical gearmotor.

·         Built-in control panel.

·         Proximity limit switch

·         Adjustable balancing system.

·         Auto-stop function if hits obstruction.

·         Folding or Fencing arm is available.

·         Built-in release system in case of power failure.

·         Connections for ticket dispenser, photocell, alarm lamp, loop detector, etc.